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Jul 2008

Still making excuses ...

I’ve been staring at the bike for a few weeks now, purposely left in the garage vs. the race truck to force me to make all the tweaks needed before the next outing at Blackhawk Farms on 8-30 & 8-31.
The truck is a nice place to hide.. I mean to “defer” work. I even pulled out my traveling tools to ensure I had no excuses. Guess I’m still making excuses...

I suppose I should get busy with those items previously listed. I have a custom made exhaust that uses larger diameter head pipes, and low restriction muffler, with equal length tubing, that should free up the last few hidden horsepower Aprilia had planned for me, but I’m not solid on writing the tune for it yet.
If anyone has any suggestions for this, please drop me a note through my contact info. I’ll be sure to give you public credit. Short of any brainstorms, I’m going to have to introduce myself to the local dyno shop.