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Feb 2008

Been a few weeks.. there's a reason

Hanging out in the midwest is a sure fire way to get bored come this time in the year. Fortunately for me, I happened across a really trick setup that will take some work to get in place on the SM. It's a replacement for the trusty Veypor that I used last season. It is made by a company called RacePak, the product is called IQ3, which takes data acquisition to the next level.

I'll be documenting the setup to this device with photos. (Use the tab at the right labeled "The IQ3"). This dash is designed predominantly for cars, but I'll be working to get it integrated onto the racebike in the upcoming months. For now, I'll be plugging through the manual and getting the wiring harness understood, as well as load the software and understand how to program it. Then, I’ll add sensors (water temp), and then we'll put some more info online about how well it works, and hopefully save you some questions, should you have them, while showing you the parts along the way... feel free to contact me with any immediate questions, I'll do my best to respond. until next time... js