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Apr 2010

Where have you Been?

Well,... (Graphic content coming - and sorry in advance) About this time last year, I was working in the yard, cutting down some trees. I was using a bobcat to push the stumps up hill to finish cutting them up to toss into a huge chipper I rented.
Well, as luck would have it (and to make a long story short) I got the log stuck in the dirt and throttling up the bobcat caused the front end to raise on the log, and spit me off the machine. When the unit came to rest my foot had been caught between the steel deck of the bobcat, and the stump of the tree I had just cut (Which was still in the ground)
Once I realized I couldn't move, and saw a pinched foot, I thought damn I wonder if I broke anything.

To be honest, It didn't hurt at all - except I could feel my work boot VERY compressed.
I reached up to the controls and drove the bobcat away from the stump, only to see my boot filling up with blood.

Again I thought.. Well, a little blood, some tape and I'll be good to go.. Within seconds (Which feels like a really bad slow motion video) I could begin to feel my foot, which in hind sight was great news.. But after jumping up the hill one footed, and catching my neighbor's and wife eye's, they both knew I had screwed up.
Truth was I split open my foot breaking two toes, and tearing ligaments off the rest. THe whole thing was a floppy mess.

A quick look told me that I was going to need a lot of tape, and most likely some stitches.
Come to find out after 4 hours of surgery I messed it up good, and was lucky to have all the parts.

Bottom line - No walking on the foot for the whole summer and into most of the fall.
DAMN I was mad, my whole riding season, getting the SXV on the track.. hey no cutting the grass, no power washing the decks.. No more cutting up the trees.. No driving to work..
You get it - funny how everything bad is also somehow good.

Fast forward to the winter.. I got to wear a shoe in time for snow, and spent the rest of the winter rehabbing, and losing the 25 pounds I gained while sitting on my ass letting everything (And I do mean everything) slide around the house..

My wife was great during all this, and no I didn't have to sell the bobcat (Although everyone asks me that) and since it wasn't a motorcycle accident, I didn't have to give up any of that..

So I spent the winter plotting my revenge on the motorcycles, and especially the SXV for the track. I'll blog about the parts I got a great deal on, that are going to transform the way it handles (My single biggest complaint from last year)

More to come..