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Jan 2011

Update on my fantasy ride

So I’m surfin around and what do I see;
My favorite electric superbike for with more pictures for me.
With no fancy bodywork on, all stripped naked and bare;
with the wonders of mechanicals, and tires with air.

So motor on over to this site
and check it out...

Pasted Graphic

Ooo la la...


Obsessed with Green !

Ok - I spend a few hours a day web surfing - who doesn't? There is so much to learn, and I'm not getting any younger.

I've been intrigued by several electric motorcycle projects, but to be honest most of the designs for the past few years I have seen are rather ugly.

Hard to make a green statement when the first thing out of onlookers mouth is - “Say is that a prototype, and when does the real thing come out?”

Hard to make excuses for some of these um... early designs...


Nice thing is these guys paved the way for much more advanced designs, and this includes STYLE !

Fast Forward to 2011, a new breed of electric motorcycles are showing up, like this one from Brammo.

And this one (for the supermoto lovers)

But the roadrace head in me suggests this a the ultimate track weapon...

And as such, this bike is now on my desktop background for me to froth over.

This is an exciting time to be a motorcyclist. Being obsessed with green couldn’t get any better !


Awww crap...

You know something’s bothering me when I don't have much to say about riding or racing.
Despite the sub zero cold here in the Midwest, I've got something else to lament over.

My race ride is suffering from some ailment, that I'm sure is going to rob me blind to get fixed.

Here's the last few minutes of racing video before it felt soggy then died. You'll be able to hear it lock up. I pulled the clutch in to keep the rear from locking and sticking me on my ass.

I had flashbacks from racing my NSR250, where this was a common occurrence !

Quick review in the pits told me that it locked up, most likely rear cylinder, due to inadequate oiling.

Now comes the task of tearing it down and seeing what the damage$ are...

Awww crap.....