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Jan 2008

You're doing what?

I think that is what I heard from my wife, when she caught me muttering “racebike” over and over. Getting back into racing after 10+ years will be fun, exciting, and already has my head swirling with a to-do list. I bought a 2003 WR450, that had some successful race heritage in Supermoto, and thought the trick might be to stop trying to catch up with the ultra-trick uber race bikes, and get back to basics.

At 45 getting back to anything is a brain job. The will is there, but the body isn't. I figure I'm at a place in life where having a little outlet has got to be a good thing. We all work hard, and I'm sure that spending a little less time worrying about what is going on at work, and having a little more fun will certainly help resurge my positive attitude.