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I've been really busy getting a ton of loose ends wrapped up. It starts with the WR450 getting an Edelbrock carb, and then needing a new battery installed. The E'brock is a work of art, and gets reviews that are either love or hate for it. Seems it makes more power than a stock carb if your ride is uncorked right. Now what does "right" mean, well I have reached out to a few guru's from ThumperTalk that seem to have put the time I don't have, into the proper setup.

Sure Edelbrock gave me directions when I bought the thing, but I was hoping for some real data from real folks. Turns out the numbers they baseline at are pretty close. A trip in the next few weeks to the dyno room will tell me if I made the right choice.

These radiator crash guards for the WR are a smart edition to your race setup. Get them from the folks at Unibiker.

They are gold anodized, and look like they'll be saving me those $300 radiators when I dump hard sorting this out. I bought them from the Thumpertalk online store. Get yours there and save a few bux !
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