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It's just like wedding prep...

I finally understand what my wife felt like when planning for our wedding. Sure I was involved, but I could not understand her picky nature about every little detail. Double, triple checking everything. Making phone calls to ensure all the things she thought were completed actually were. I always wondered to myself, isn’t it “good enough”?

Many years later I learn what exactly she went through - in my own “guy way”.
I agonized over the WR450 getting into roadrace trim (See previous posts) and then a full 360 Degree turn toward the Aprilia SXV, I know that details were going to kill me. I spent hours double, triple checking every little detail.

But the day finally came where the bike was ready ! By cleaning the heck out of every square inch I was not only able to safety wire the bike, but look for things that were abnormal (either excessive wear) or things that I made notes to change later.

Next Up? Head to the local track to sort the bike out, and crank through a serious quantity of laps !

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